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Want to support the schoolies during the COVID 19 Pandemic?

Donations can be e-transferred or sent to our mailing address

Any donations are extremely appreciated during this difficult time. Donations will go towards the care and maintenance of our schooling horses. You can even sponsor a specific horse! If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact Heidi directly at (705) 826-4677

Donations can be sent via e-transfer to info@rushmount.com (Password: Rushmount) or sent to our post address:

1773 Cambrian Road
Severn, ON
L3V 0T8

Sponsor a School Horse

Want to support a specific horse or pony? Contact Heidi to set up your sponsorship. Visit our Meet the Horses page to learn more about our schoolies.

We look forward to being able to have an open house once we are able to safely have all of our supporters come visit.

With COVID 19 cases rising in Ontario we are trying to keep the barn as safe as possible. This means we have updated our protocols. Please understand that we appreciate the inconvenience but we would like to be able to keep the doors opened for students, boarders, and horse-lovers alike. We do not wish to return to the way things were in March!

Please review our new protocols and feel free to contact us to ask any questions or let us know if you have any suggestions.

  • Use hand sanitizer prior to entering the barn
  • Masks must be worn if you are in the barn OR unable to maintain social distancing
  • No more than 10 people in the barn at any time
  • Staff only in feed room
    • If you are dropping off feed, supplement, etc for your boarded horse please leave outside the feed room door and have a staff member put it away for you
  • Warm room is not to be used unless Heidi has given you permission to do so
    • If so you will be responsible for sanitizing any thing you have touched (door handles, microwave, water cooler, etc)
  • All common-use items/areas (tack, grooming tools, porta-poties, cross-ties, etc) must be sanitized between uses
  • Boarders please use your stall to tack up
    • Outdoor board schooling horses may tack up in schooling horse stalls
    • Please note there are crossties set up outside as well (weather permitting)
  • We are strongly encouraging everyone to use as many of their own items as possible (ie. Grooming brushes, helmets, whips, leadlines, halters, etc) to avoid cross contamination
  • We are not encouraging spectators at this time. If you do not absolutely need to be in the barn please stay outside
  • You must schedule your ride times and you will have a 2 hour time slot (from arrival to departure)
    • Absolutely no unscheduled visits

Thank you everyone! We appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time!

A heartfelt thank you to our supporters during COVID-19:

  • Wendy Good
  • Anneli Tapanila Photography
  • Alex
  • Marissa Rose-Morris
  • Lea Wright
  • Dan Brooks
  • Anneli Tapanila
  • Lauren Brooks
  • Ashley Wyatt
  • Allan Harris
  • Annabel Tapanila
  • Ben Harris
  • Beaujana Simpson
  • Amber
  • Gabrielle Siegers
  • Pauline St. Onge
  • Robin Reynolds
  • Elyse Chezen
  • Amy Smith
  • Brittany
  • Kenzie Raybold
  • Emily & Brooke-Lynn Jarvis
  • Ashley Van Der Hout
  • Laura Roberts
  • Brianne Collins
  • Aaron Pritchard
  • Jamie Paterson
  • Claudia Johnston
  • Kathryn Billingsley
  • Kara Stelfox
  • Noelle Rancourt
  • Kevin Lamb
  • Aaron Pritchard
  • Keri-Ann Brunson
  • Patty Gofton