Arena Rentals

Interested in showing your horse some new jumps before hitting the show ring?

Want to school off property in a relaxed atmosphere before you go to your first show?

Off property schooling is beneficial for many reasons, some of which include but are not limited to:

  • Preparing the horse for new “scary” jumps at shows
  • Experiencing riding in a different arena without “show nerves”
  • Introducing young or green horses to different experiences in a controlled environment

Come experience either of Rushmounts two spacious outdoor arenas. We are proud to say that both arenas have excellent footing and are watered regularly as needed. We boast full hunter and jumper courses, so either ring is sure to be suitable.

If you are interested in renting either of our outdoor arenas during the warmer months please do not hesitate to contact Heidi either by email, phone call, or text. Click the green button to fill out our arena rental form.

Jumper Ring

The Jumper Ring is our newest addition to the property! Our clients have been loving this 120′ x 210′ ring since 2018. With a full set of ever changing jumps, this ring will be sure to give you and your horse an excellent off property experience.

Hunter Ring

The Hunter Ring is our steady Eddie, tried and true ring. At 100′ x 200′ and showcasing a full hunter course, this ring is never a disappointment.