Show Teams

Tori Beauchemin & Austra | Trillium 0.9m

This former eventer is loving her time in the Trillium jumper ring!

Mikayla Burns & Snapchat | Pony Jumpers

Watch out for this competitive duo!

Devon Catling & Trompe le Monde | Trillium 0.9m

This pair has been in the show ring since 2016. Needless to say, they know each other pretty well!

Kaylin Clarke & Silver Rush | Trillium 0.9m

This pair is enjoying their first show season together.

Sydney Freeman & No Rhyme, No Reason | Pony Jumpers

These two have been together for a few years now and rock the ring every time!

Malorie Harris & He’s a Pioneer | Trillium 0.75m & 0.9m

A Trillium regular and a OCEA team member as well!

Hayden McCahon

Rushmount born and raised. This young rider is sure to go places. Currently showing Pony Jumpers on Silver Rush and Trillium 1.0m.

Sophia Naylor & Stella Ella Olla | Trillium 0.75m & Short Stirrup

Rushmount’s youngest show team member has enough bravery and “yahoo cowboy” for all of us!

Cheryl Poitras & Zips Hockey Socks | Trillium 0.75m

These two are North Simcoe Challenge Series graduates!

Ellie Ratcliffe & Moody Blue | Pony Jumpers

With only a few shows under the belt for the 2019 season, these two are becoming quite the pair.

Chelsea Rutledge & Thunder Bay Dinner Jacket | Trillium 0.9m

This team is enjoying their first full show season.

Hailee VanDusen & Ever so Clever | Trillium 1.0m & 1.10m

In the four years these two have been together they have come such a long way!

Stay tuned for more team mates!

Stay tuned for more team mates!