Show Teams 2021

Check out some of our amazing riders

Stay tuned for our 2023 show season riders!

Hayden McCahon & Don't Let Anything Stop You & Keep Four on the Floor
Trillium & A-Circuit | 0.9m-1.10m Jumpers

Rushmount born and raised this young lady will be sure to impress. When she’s not on a horse Hayden enjoys playing baseball.

Sophie & Halo

Sophia Naylor & Beaverwood's Halo
Trillium & A-Circuit | 1m & Pony Jumpers

A show team regular for several years now, Sophie is always bringing a chipper attitude to the team! In her free time she enjoys baking, hanging out with her friends, and spoiling her horses.

Meredith Reid & Humble Perfektion
Trillium | 0.9m Jumpers

Since joining the Rushmount family in September 2020 Meredith is always keep to learn and help! Sullivan (aka. Humble Perfektion) came in to her life in December 2020 and are sure to have a blast in the 0.9m jumper ring. When she’s not with Sullivan she can be found hanging out with her dogs, Max and Joey.

Maya Niffin & Controlled Chaos
Trillium | 0.75 & 0.9m Jumpers

Maya has been a Rushmount regular for the past three years and has always been a joy to have in the barn. When she is not at the barn her favourite things do to are swimming and water skiing.

Marissa & Morgan

Marissa Rose-Morris & Controlled Chaos
Trillium | 0.9m Jumpers

Marissa has been with us for 5 years and is always willing to lend a hand. When she’s not busy at the barn riding, she can be found hiking with her dog, Eros.

Julie Joseph & Canadian Tuxedo
Trillium & A-Circuit | 0.9m Jumpers

After an 11 year long hiatus, Julie has returned to Rushmount and has been back for 10 months. We are so glad to have her back! Aside from horses, she enjoys boating and spending time with her dogs.

Hannah Lakich & Golden Boyy
Trillium & A-Circuit | 0.75m Jumpers

Since participating in Rushmount’s 2020 summer camp Hannah has never looked back. Since then she has gone from trail rides jumpers and we could not be more proud of her! In her off time she enjoys sleepovers, hanging out with her friends, and creating beautiful art.

Devon Catling & Absolutely Ridiculous Investment
Trillium | 0.75m & 0.9m Jumpers

Devon has been a part of the Rushmount family for over five years. When she’s at the barn she can be found hanging out with her old show pal, Audi, or helping out anyone that needs a hand. Her positivity and kindness make the show team complete; it truly wouldn’t be a true Rushmount show team without her! When not at the barn… she works. Always working, this one!

Avery Tofts & Canadian Tuxedo
Trillium | 0.75m Jumpers

Though Avery has been riding for several years, she has only just joined the Rushmount team in the past year. Her willing attitude and perseverance are always appreciated here! Other than working with horses, she enjoys practicing agility with her dog and painting.

Annie Shemilt & En Pointe
Trillium & A-Circuit | Adult Amateur Hunters

Our one and only hunter princess; Annie has enjoyed being back with horses after adulting for a bit! She joined the Rushmount team in September 2020 and since then has gone from part-boarding to owning her own magnificent horse, Kew. If she’s not at the barn, she is hanging out with her three children.