Welcome to Camp!

Camps are designed to be a fun, engaging way for your child to experience horses. We encourage all of our campers to develop safe horse handling and riding skills, or improve upon existing skills. Each day has a minimum of two rides.

Our campers days are filled with treat baking, crafts, games, and of course riding. Riders will learn to tack up, untack, walk, trot, and even jump throughout the course of the week. We have themed days as well to ensure that riders are exposed to a variety of equestrian disciplines and activities.

At Rushmount, camp is geared to be both fun and educational with certified Equine Canada Staff. The camp students day(s) will be primarily spent in the saddle, but also filled with a wealth of learning opportunities; theory will include stable management, equine first aid, equine anatomy, the importance of hoof care with farrier demo, and much more. We provide a structured and safe learning environment. Your child will be treated as one of our own. They will have the opportunity to ride twice a day and in doing so, are required to wear long pants and boots with a 1″ heel, during their rides. We have certified helmets, but it is recommended that campers purchase and bring there own. Call and inquire about the camper packages we offer.

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