Meet our Lesson Horses

Rushmount has a variety of schooling horses to suit a wide range of riders.

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Retail Therapy ``Madison``

Quarter Horse X | Mare

Another Rushmount show ring favourite, this mare can jump the moon! She’s a little pocket rocket and has the comfiest trot you could ever imagine. She’s a trustworthy delight to work with and the perfect mount for a rider looking to start adding height to their jumping repertoire.



Miniature Horse | Gelding

A Rushmount OG, Bob has found his forever home with Heidi and Mike. These days he mostly saves his energy for entertaining camp kids (he makes a really great paint canvas) but can still go over a jump or two should the mood strike him. True to his breed, he is also a true Houdini when it comes to fencing.


Trompe le Monde ``Audi``

Thoroughbred | Mare

Audi has been with us since 2013. This former eventer doesn’t let her age slow her down. Recipient of Trillium Thoroughbred of the Year Award for 2019, Audi has proven time and time again that age is just a number and she can beat the clock, so long as her rider is up for it! Audi is great for adult riders just getting in to the sport or for those looking to hone their skills, because she has seen it all.


Miss Peaches Shenanigans ``Peaches``

Mare | Welsh X

This gal is a favourite with the kids. She wins everyone over with her spunk, and of course her dashing looks! She can carry a kid around for their first pony ride and bring them around their first over fences course. She teaches riders to stay confident and effective with their riding. Her specialty it turning the not-so-horsey-inclined child in to a horse-crazy kid!


Silver Rush ``Kovi``

Connemara | Mare

Kovi is another seasoned competitor and rocks it every time. She is brave and sensitive, proving to be a good match for riders wanting to show their game face. Great for beginners and intermediate riders alike, Kovi will teach you how to fine-tune your riding and keep your cool under pressure. She has successfully carried Hayden to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in 2018 as well as 2019.


Over the Top ``Eddie``

Westphalien x Hanoverian | Gelding

Another Rushmount OG, Eddie was one of the first to join Heidi and Mike. Like Monty, a show jumper in his former life. After an injury in 2014 that left him unable to jump to his full potential he has been kept at the lower levels and showing his riders how to truly ride a horse. If you’re looking for a horse to remind you how to ride properly, you’re looking for Eddie! He’s got all the buttons, you just need to learn how to press them.



Warmblood X | Mare

This young lady has really come in to her own. She came to Rushmount as a foal and has grown so much since she has become part of the family. She has experienced her share of the show ring in her few years and shows a great amount of maturity for her age. She provided Hayden with the opportunity to learn how to do a line class in CSHA shows and also went to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. During that time she taught discipline, overcoming fears, and confidence.


Stella Ella Olla ``Stella``


This little gal came to Rushmount in 2018 and has proven to be a favourite. An absolute doll and great for a confident young rider. She can jump it, you just need to bring her to it! An ideal mount for the young rider looking for a little more challenge. In 2019 Stella showed Trillium 0.75m jumpers as well as short stirrup with the same rider. She even made it to Trillium Championships at Caledon Equestrian Park and placed 10th out of 48 Medal ponies!


Knickers in a Knot ``Knickers``

Welsh | Gelding

Meet Knickers in a Knot, aka Knickers. A barn favourite and a show pro. He’s been in the ring about a million times and it shows. He can teach any kid the ropes and is just about as saintly as they come. A great partner for new riders, Knickers will bring a smile to your face and teach you a thing or two about horsemanship. In 2017 He was a star in the Trillium small pony and Short Stirrup classes winning an over fences class at Championships.