“Heidi has been my coach for only about 8 months and her amazing coaching has made me the rider I am today. I had never jumped before when I got to Rushmount now I am showing Trillium this summer. Not only is she an amazing coach and friend, that pushes you always to be your best self, but Audi is an amazing horse. She knows how to take care of you and has taught me immensely. Now we have developed a relationship I know that will last forever. Before I rode Monty another horse that any little girl instantly falls in love with. He was the perfect horse to start out on, made me feel so comfortable until I was ready to grow. I couldn’t ask for a better experience starting off my riding career and I definitely couldn’t have done it anywhere else other then Rushmount and with Heidi as my coach”

~ Malorie Harris

“My daughter needed a horse to move up from the shorties and we were looking for a safe, experienced horse for her to grow with. We came upon a beautiful horse for lease from Rushmount and couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome. The confidence and skill my daughter has gained with this mare is unparamount. As a mother, I could not have envisioned a more positive experience for my daughter. Not only is this horse a privilege to have around the barn but she is a seasoned professional off property and has allowed my daughter to grow as a rider, and increased her confidence beyond the stables. Thank you Rushmount!”

~ Megan & Sydney Lowe

“Working with Heidi is a truly engaging experience. I have worked with Heidi as a student in years past and have yet to find another coach who gets out of me as a rider what she can. I recently returned to Rushmount to have her finish my horses training. The horse came away with a solid skill set, more confidence and the ability to go where I wanted to. Due to Heidi’s training program, I also walked away with a restored confidence in my horse and myself. I thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Rushmount the atmosphere is second to none!”

~ Lisa LeClair

“If you have a passion for horses and riding Rushmount Equine Sports is the place to be. Good for the young and old who are still young at heart. It is never to late to learn new things when riding , jumping or overall care of your horses. Heidi Muller is a Great Coach and teacher and ended up a good friend. She truly knows and understands the needs of each horse and rider. When looking to purchase two of our own horses to fit the needs of my family. I left this job to Heidi to fine them for us. Many years later Ellie and Skip are still with us and are a perfect match. We boarded our horse and took lessons for many years before retiring and moving to our own farm and yes we still have the same two horses and saved one more giving it a good home. Thanks to Heidi and Mike the owners of Rushmount for all the help to learn care of our horses, riding , feeding, etc. I could not have followed my dream to own a farm and horses with out you two.”

~ Love, Linda Lee McEachern

“We came to Rushmount just over a year ago. My daughter had been riding
for a year and a half however remained nervous and uncertain of her
abilities. I wasn’t sure if she even wanted to ride any longer. Prior
to joining the Rushmount community I had several conversations with Heidi.
I was very pleased with the time And interest Heidi took and spent
listening to my concerns regarding what Victoria had accomplished and had
not accomplished. Before we made the choice to move barns Heidi did an
evaluation ride with Toria. Using her expertise as a coach she match
Toria up with the perfect pony right then and there. These two became a
fantastic partnership, accomplishing everything Heidi predicted they
would the past show season. Heidi picked up quickly on what Was
causing Toria to lose confidence and soon was able to turn that
around. Thanks to Heidi my daughter’s love for riding has been
reborn. She continues to build on the skills she has been taught and
improves steadily with the help of Heidi and her coaching.
I can’t say enough about the riders and parents who have become a very
important part of our lives. Never do we walk into a barn with grumpy
miserable people. Every time we get to the there we are greater with
smiles and warm welcomes. There is always a good conversation going on
somewhere which everyone is welcome to join in. Help When needed is
never to far away someone is always willing to lend a hand.
There is Truly a family atmosphere amongst the riders and families.
Heidi and Mike are more then willing to listen to concerns and any
suggestions anyone may have. They promote an open door policy and
encourage everyone to come to them whenever needed.
I consider my daughter and my family extremely fortunate that we are
part of such a wonderful team of riders and coaches. Heidi, Mike and
their two girls Hayden and Teegan go out of their way to make everyone feel at home
and a part of their barn family. I can say for certain without Heidi my
daughter would have given up riding long ago. Now with her new found
confidence I can’t wait to see where she will go from here. I do know
she will never leave Rushmount or Heidi. Victoria will be a Rushmount
“lifer”. Thanks Heidi and Mike for all you have done and continue to do.”

~ Lori Rowbotham